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Ski Boots and Binding Types

In the Nordic world, that are several different binding and boots types.  Unfortunately, many of the binding/boots types are not interchangeable.  To make it even more confusing, the different binding types look very similar.

If you are purchasing skis, boots, and bindings, we suggest you look for either NNN or Prolink binding systems.  These systems are interchangeable and would give you the most flexibility for the future.

If you are renting a pair of Booster Club skis, you have a couple of options for your boots. (Rental Information)

The bindings on our rental skis are SNS Profil.  On these skis, you can use boots with SNS Profil soles, as well as ones with SNS Pilot soles.

The other kinds of binding systems are NNN and Prolink.  NNN and Prolink are interchangeable.

If you are not able to find SNS Profil or SNS Pilot boots, we will change the bindings to NNN/Prolink bindings at no charge to the skier.