12/3/20 - Updates

posted Dec 3, 2020, 3:43 PM by Aaron Giannobile

Greetings everyone, I just wanted to share out a few updates, feel free to email or text me via Remind with any questions. 

Optional Whole Team Meeting / Strength Workout

The captains will be leading an optional, virtual meeting and workout tomorrow (Friday 12/4) at 5pm. I will send out a Google Meet link via Remind before the meeting tomorrow. You will have to be logged into your Hopkins Apps account to access the meeting and it’s only open to skiers (you don’t have to have already registered to join). 

Optional 1-to-1 or Small Group Training Meetings

Have you been training? Would you like to talk to a coach and other skiers about tips, feedback or just general Nordic ski fun? Coaches want to give you the option to meet one-on-one or in small groups once per week to talk about your training. We'll try our best to accommodate your availability but when we meet will depend on coach availability. Please fill out this Google Form if you’re interested and we’ll try to pair you with a coach. 

Ski Passes

I am working on finding solutions to getting you all the opportunity to get a pass before the season starts, but I apologize that it’s not more positive news. Otherwise, you can always just hold off and we’ll get passes to all skiers once the season does start. Here are the updates:

  • The school can’t purchase passes for skiers until the season officially starts, which as of now is 12/21 per the Governor’s order. 

  • Contrary to previous communication, Three Rivers Parks is now requiring all skiers to have a pass after Friday, December 4th. 

  • I am working with Three Rivers and Theodore Wirth on getting team discount codes, which I will hopefully get together by middle of next week. 

  • If you want a pass before the season starts, you can use the team discount code to buy a pass at one or both parks, yourselves. The Three Rivers Pass is $37.50 and the Theo Wirth Pass is $50. My hope is that we will be able to find a way to reimburse you for the Three Rivers Pass when the season starts, but I cannot guarantee it as of now, sorry. 

  • Because this is a strange year, I am not sure if the team will be purchasing passes to Theodore Wirth due to more stringent practice policies, and so a reimbursement for a Wirth pass is also not guaranteed.