1st Year Skiers: The Weekly Plan for Your Skis

posted Nov 27, 2016, 7:52 AM by Sid Voss
Our skiers keep their skis and poles in the Wax Room for practices during the week, and take their skis home for the weekend so they can ski on their own or join a possible early Saturday morning optional practice.

No matter which school you are at, you will need to bring your skis with you to school on Monday mornings.  However, skis/poles (even in bags) are not allowed on the buses, so you will need to get a ride to school. Once your skis are at school, here is what you do:
  • High School:  Put your skis in the wax room—if you do not know the combo for the door, see a team member for the combo.
  • North Junior High:  There is a storage closet near the cafeteria for the skis/poles during the day.  Check with the office for the exact location of the closet.  After school, grab your skis and go to practice.
  • West Junior High: There is a storage closet next to the elevator across from the cafeteria.  Check with the front door receptionist to unlock the closet door.  Try to keep all the Nordic ski bags separate from the Alpine stuff. 
    • On Monday, before practice, one of the coaches will pick up the skis and bring them to the Wax Room at the High School.
    • We will pick up skis only on Mondays, and we will only pick up skis and poles (preferably in ski bags).  We will not bring backpacks, duffels, etc...bring that stuff yourself on the activity bus.
At the end of the week, you should take your skis home, but this is hard to do if you take the activity bus home. Sometimes skiers will leave skis in the wax room over the weekend if they can't get them home or if they know they won't ski on the weekend.