A few end of the season announcements...

posted Feb 21, 2017, 8:36 AM by Sid Voss
✔️ Coach Voss lent his classic poles to one of our skiers.  If you have them, please email sidvoss@hopkinsnordic.com. Also, someone on the team has his Craft lobster mitts...would like to have them back.  Thanks!

✔️ Still have your uniform?  Bring it to the banquet, or
At HHS, put in a Ziplock bag with your name and drop it at the Athletic Office.
At West, put in a Ziplock bag with your name and give it to Jean Bury in the office.
At North, put in a Ziplock bag with your name and give to Deb Herman by the office.

✔️ Summer Wax your skis. You should put a coat of wax on your skis at the end of the season.  This will protect your bases and keep the bases from drying out.  Just drip some red or yellow wax on the bottom, make a couple of passes with the iron, and that's it.  Do not scrape until next winter.  There is red and yellow wax in the wax room.

✔️ Please take your bags, skis, and poles home from the wax room by the end of the week.  If you have rental skis in the wax room, Coach Voss will take them...don't forget to take home your poles.

✔️ If you have rental skis, you can bring them to return to Coach Voss at banquet.  Otherwise, he will be in touch with you about returning them.