Announcements and Training Plan for Week of December 4, 1017

posted Dec 3, 2017, 9:29 AM by Sid Voss   [ updated Dec 3, 2017, 9:51 AM ]
✔️ We potentially have a race on Wednesday at Hyland. Please make sure your skis are waxed and ready to go. Make sure you have your uniform and base layers to wear under the uniform ready to go also. We should know early in the week if this race is a go or not.

✔️ Other workouts this week are subject to change depending if we can get on snow. Stay tuned to Remind/Website for changes. 

✔️ Have your skis, boots, and poles at school this week!  There is a short loop at Wirth with man-made snow.  Right now it is a section with only uphill and downhill, so it is not good for new skiers.  See Tuesday/Wednesday in the training plan below.

✔️Remember, if we are practicing at school, get changed and come to the classroom for announcements.  If we are going to ski at Three Rivers or Wirth, get changed, put your skis and poles in the trailer, and be on the bus by 3:10.

✔️ Please make sure you have paid your Booster Club fee on the website.

✔️ Remember to get out and start raising money for the Ski-A-Thon taking place at 9am on Friday, December 15th at Theodore Wirth Park. Our goal is for each skier to raise $100. If you raise $150 or more you will get a team buff. Other prizes go out to skiers who raise the most money. Check the website for the fundraising page to make donations. 

✔️Make sure to sign up ASAP for Ski Camp if you are interested in going. The deadline technically has passed so get your forms and payments in ASAP. 

✔️Get some friends and family together to go volunteer at the Optimist Tree Lot. They are a big supporter of our program. Click here to sign up! (Also on website)

✔️Please see Coach Voss on Monday to get your Three Rivers trail pass if you don't have yours yet.  Also see coach Voss if you have not yet registered online for your Wirth pass.  The passes are a part of your athletic and booster club fees.  Please see this for more info on passes.  

✔️ If you have booster club skis and you need your bindings switched to NNN/ProLink instead of SNS, please get your skis to Coach Voss on Monday!  Here is the info about bindings.

Varsity Long roller ski or run, 60-90 Minutes, weight room
JV1 45 Minute Run and abs workout after practice
JV2 30 minute run and abs workout

Varsity Varsity and JV1 will plan to go to Theodore Wirth to ski.  (Bring dryland workout clothing and shoes in case the very short loop is too crowded.)

JV2 will be at High School for practice as there is no practice area with snow to learn on (only an uphill and downhill).  We will be watching technique video and an abs workout. 

Wednesday - Tentative Race at Hyland - Lake Relays
Workout if no race 
Varsity Varsity and JV1 will plan to go to Theodore Wirth to ski 
(Bring dryland workout clothing and shoes in case the very short loop is too crowded.)
No JV 2 practice on Wednesdays 

Workout  (There is potential to go to snow and include JV2 if beginner areas are open.)
Varsity 90 min rollerski (5x30 second double pole pickups) 
weight room after practice - Upper body and core focus, plyos and easy on legs. tricep 
JV1 45 minute run, 5x30 second strides on field after, core
JV2 30 minute run, 5x30 second strides on field after, core

Workout: Active recovery day 30 minute easy run, 45 min easy ski or bike

Workout Distance, Location TBD
120 minute ski or roller ski at L1/L2 with L4 Intervals. Bring water and food 
75 minute run for interested JV1 (Add 6x45 second L5 pickups on hills)