Announcements & Schedule for Week of January 22, 2017

posted Jan 22, 2017, 5:02 PM by Sid Voss   [ updated Jan 22, 2017, 6:16 PM ]
Given the recent warm temperatures and rain, be ready for workouts at school this week . Still plan on having your ski stuff with you in case we get some snow or we secure ski time last minute. However, also bring running shoes and some clothes to run outside (we can all still get some fresh air!). 

Varsity and Top JV1 will be racing on Thursday, January 26 in the Conference Champs. Please see the announcement for Conference Champs meet for the start list and details.  This race will have 14 boys and 14 girls racing in Varsity, plus about five JV1 boys and five JV1 girls in the meet.

Everyone not in Thursday's Conference Champs will have their last race of the season on Thursday, February 2 at Elm Creek. 

Skiers racing will need to have their glide zones waxed on BOTH their classic and skate skis prior to Wednesday. We will be applying kick wax to your skis before the race, so we will need your skis with us on Wednesday after practice. Plan to wax your skis on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.  

Monday, January 23:  No School

Varsity and JV 1 on the Conference Champs start list
Long Easy, work on technique, on you own (Use your Three Rivers pass).  Coordinate with friends and check with captains
You need to make sure your skis (both classic and skate) are glide waxed for Thursday.  Do not leave this until Wednesday.  Coaches will be in the wax room on Monday after 1:00 to help you wax. 

JV1/JV2: No practice

Tuesday, January 24 - Easy with speed pickups. Conference Racers Wax

Varsity and JV 1 Thursday races: Carpool to Wirth and work on technique and speed. 6-8 Pickups on uphills, working on transitioning into the hill, up and over, and maintaining speed downhill. 
Conference Racers Wax.

JV1/JV2: Easy workout with 6-10, 20 second sprint pickups, at school. 

Wednesday, January 25 - Short and Easy at school for everyone. Conference Racers Wax.

Thursday, January 26 - Conference Champs for Varsity and Top JV1.  No practice for rest of the team.

Friday - Recovery Ski