Announcements & Schedule for Week of January 8, 2017

posted Jan 8, 2017, 12:29 PM by Sid Voss   [ updated Jan 8, 2017, 1:00 PM ]
With the rain and meltdown, we are very limited for times at Three Rivers Parks.  We do have a time for the entire team on Friday, January 13 at Hyland. Bus leaves HHS at 4:00 and returns about 6:20 pm.  JV2 skiers who normally only attend M-Tu-Th are encouraged to come Friday!
West Skiers:  We will pick up skis from West and bring them to the High School on Monday afternoon. You can also put your skis on the trailer on Tuesday when we pick up West for the race.

Monday, January 9:  Easy practice at school. Wax prep for  skiers who are doing the classic technique race on Tuesday. For skiers racing skate on Tuesday, your wax is still good, so no need to wax.  Pasta Party at Hedbergs after practice. (3902 Willmatt Hill, Minnetonka)

There will be a mandatory Varsity meeting before practice and a possible carpool to Wirth for a short ski. 
Easy strength work NOT to make you sore, body weight exercises that focus on core and upper body (Pushups, Planks, V-ups/leg raises, assisted pullups and dips). 

JV1 & JV2 
Bring running shoes to get in an easy workout inside at school or plan to go outside and ski double pole on the field or go for an easy pole-hike in the backyard. 

Tuesday, January 10: Varsity and JV1 Classic race at Hyland. JV2 (and JV1 without classic skis) will be a skate race. Details and Sign Up for Race

Wednesday, January 11: Easy recovery practice at school. Skiers should again plan on bringing running shoes for a workout indoors or a double pole or pole-hike workout outside. Depending on conditions and snowfall early in the week, we may be able to ski on the field. Make sure to come prepared for all options. 

Varsity will do an easy recovery ski skate at Wirth, Carpool this day only. 

Thursday, January 12: We will again be at school this day unless conditions improve and open up other Three Rivers skiing. Plan on all options including an indoor workout, running outside, or skiing on the field. 

Ski 120 minutes easy, Classic Technique and technique work with Ditty and Palkert. Minibus to Wirth. 

Plan on a longer, easy workout this day around 60 minutes. 
You should also work in 6-7 L5 sprints that last for 10 to 15 seconds with full recovery in between each. 
You should also work in some easy strength work NOT to make you sore, body weight exercises that focus on core and upper body (Pushups, Planks, V-ups/leg raises, assisted pullups and dips). 

Friday, January 13: Bus to Hyland for everyone, leave HHS at 4:00, return at 6:20 pm

Varsity and interested JV1 will do L4 Intervals:
Warmup 20 minutes at L1
5x3 minute L4 with full recovery
Cooldown easy until it’s time to go. 

Saturday/Sunday: Full Details for Saturday practice is TBD. Plan to ski on own at Hyland or Elm Creek in the A.M. or possibly a later afternoon practice at Wirth around 2:30 or 3pm. There is a race during the morning at Wirth so the time will depend on when everything clears out. Varsity should also try to fit in another easy strength session on Saturday or Sunday similar to the one we did on Monday.