Announcements & Schedule, Week of December 17, 2018

posted Dec 16, 2018, 7:32 AM by Sid Voss   [ updated Dec 16, 2018, 1:10 PM ]

The Week and Workouts

Monday:  Workout at school, wax skis, get a uniform if you still need one. Varsity/JV1 may go to Wirth on own, if skis are waxed.

When waxing, please remember that other skiers need to wax as well so try to get your wax done quickly and free up the benches for others. JNQ racers check in with coaches after school.

Workout - Ski on own, easy run outside or on track, or bike. Whatever you do, mix in some 20 second pickups/strides.

Tuesday:  Skate Race at Elm Creek (For varsity this was going to be Classic, but has changed to Skate because of the warm conditions.)  Info and Signup below.  Signup by Monday, 7:00 pm

Wednesday:  Bus to Wirth at 3:10, return to HHS at 5:30.  JV2 are invited today, since we want to get in as much skiing as we can before break.

Workout - Long/easy

Varsity/JV1 - 90 minute easy skate ski. No pole one lap at Wirth.

JV2 - Skate ski working on form.

Thursday:  Bus to Hyland at 4:00, return to HHS at 6:30

Workout - Classic ski intervals working on maintaining form. Varsity and intersted JV1 in weight room before we leave.

Friday:  Workout at Wirth, no bus.  No practice at school.
Workout: Easy skate ski recovery, no bus, meet at Theodore Wirth at 3:30.

Tuesday Race Info and Signup

Our next race/meet is Tuesday, December 18 at Elm Creek.

Please sign up by Monday, 7:00 using the form below.

This is a skate race and the distance is 5 km for Varsity, JV 1. and  JV 2.  New skiers also have the option to come to the race to ski before the race and watch the races.

1:15 pm: West skiers are dismissed early from class. Bus leaves West at 1:20 (This bus will have a trailer, so if your skis are not already at the high school, put them on the trailer). You will meet the rest of the team at the High School, get changed, and get your skis from the wax room.  If racing, get your bib.

1:30 pm: North and High School skiers are dismissed early. Get changed, get your bib, get your skis, and get on the bus.

1:55 pm: Buses leave HHS.

2:30 pm: Arrive at  Elm Creek. Time to ski and warm up. Coaches will help and teach first year skiers in the practice area.

3:30 pm:  Race start, First Varsity, then JV1, then JV2.

6:15 pm-6:30: Buses arrive back at school. (This is after the activity buses leave.)