Announcements & Schedule, Week of November 26, 2018

posted Nov 25, 2018, 11:33 AM by Sid Voss   [ updated Nov 25, 2018, 12:32 PM by Hopkins Nordic Coach ]


1) Make sure you attend the Chemical Awareness Meeting on Monday night (11/26) at 6:00 pm in the HHS Little Theater. You and an adult family member need to attend this before a skier can race. If you attended the chemical awareness meeting for a sport this pastfall, you do not need to attend this one. 

2) Sign up for ski camp by November 27th. 

3)  Start raising pledges for the Ski-A-Thon on December 7 (9:00 am-—Noon at Wirth—a no school day).  🔗 for more information and for pledges.

4) If you are renting skate skis from the booster club, please bring your ski boots to practice so we can check the binding type.  We have about 5 skiers who still need to bring in their boots.  Everyone who has brought in their boots should be all set and your skis will be in the wax room.

5) Make sure you skis are at school...we might have last minute opportunities to be on snow for practice. (See last week's announcements about getting your skis to school.)

6) All skiers should make sure they wax their skis this week. JV 2 skiers who need to wax may use part of a practice time to wax.  Varsity and JV 1 skiers may wax only after doing the day's workout. Your wax matters less than your fitness. 

7)  Make sure you order Nordic Spirit Ware by Wednesday, November 28 🔗 for ordering.

Workout Schedule

Varsity and JV1 wanting to be on varsity will have team meetings today before practice. Everyone is expected to be there.

Work out: Long-Easy, Yellowstone crew active recovery, come to check in with coaches.
Varsity/JV1: 90 minute roller ski/60 minute run at L1/L2 effort w/ 6x45 second double pole pick-ups at L5. Full recovery. Weight room after. 

JV2: 30 minute run @ L1 Effort

Everyone do abs routine after their workout:
Do 30 seconds of each 
Right Side Plank
Left Plank
V-Ups or V-hold
Scissor kicks
Mountain Climbers

Bus to Lone Lake. We’ll leave school at 3:15 and return around 5:15. 

Workout: Hills/Strength/Technique

Bus to Elm Creek. We will leave school at 4pm and return to school around 6:30pm. We have a limited number of spots as a team so only skiers who signed up for every-day practice will attend, those JV2 who signed up for 3-day/week practices will not have practice today. 

Workout: Long/Easy
Varsity/JV1: Weight room before we leave. Plan to ski continuously for 90 minutes once we get to Elm, coaches will give you a set number of laps you need to complete. We will shoot to classic ski today but bring skate as well.

Uniform Handout
Workout: Intervals
Varsity/JV1/JV2: L4 Intervals for speed and V02 Max improvement.
Abs Routine after practice. 

Workout: Easy/Recovery - Run 30 minutes easy, play games on the field.

Workout: Long with pickups - Bring water and food. Location and time TBD