Announcements & Training Plan for Week of December 11, 2017

posted Dec 10, 2017, 1:08 PM by Sid Voss   [ updated Dec 10, 2017, 1:20 PM ]
✔️Come prepared each day for skiing and dryland, the week’s workout plan may change based on when we can get on snow and if we have a race. 

Our tentative plan for the week--see the training plan below for details:
•Monday at school.
•Tuesday is either a race at Elm Creek or ski at Wirth (Three Rivers/Elm Creek sounds like they are not having races this week, but we will know for sure on Monday.)
•Wednesday is ski at Wirth.  Note:  The bus on this day will not be back in time for the activity bus.  Also, JV2 may come to practice Wednesday, since there will be no practice for JV2 on Thursday.
•Thursday will be announced for location/time, but there is no practice for JV2. 
•Friday is the Ski-A-thon at Wirth, 9:00-12:00.  We will have a bus leaving HHS at 8:30 and returning the HHS at 12:00. 

✔️Remember to get out and start raising money for the Ski-A-Thon taking place at 9:0 am on Friday, December 15th at Theodore Wirth Park. Our goal is for each skier to raise $100. If you raise $150 or more you will get a team buff. Other prizes go out to skiers who raise the most money. Click this link to check the website for the fundraising page to make donations. 

✔️Make sure to sign up ASAP for Ski Camp if you are interested in going! It’s a fun time and always a highlight of the year for skiers. 

✔️ Remember to bring your trail passes to practice each day!  The Three Rivers Pass is pink; the Wirth pass is yellow.  If you have not received both passes yet, see Coach Voss at practice.  

✔️ People racing the JNQ at the end of the week come talk to us Monday to work through their workout plan for the week. We want to set you up to succeed this coming weekend!

Whole team practice race warm up for tomorrow’s race, or if no race, a team time trial. If there is a race, varsity should see a coach about waxing. Others, If you waxed last week or the week before, your wax will be still good. See a coach if you have questions.
Workout: All - Race Warmup
15 min at L1 
3 mins at L3 + full recovery
2 mins at L4 + full recovery
20 seconds at L5 
Varsity/JV1 - Run easy 30 minutes or more at L1, weight room for strength training after. 
JV2: Run easy 30 minutes at L1, followed by abs workout

Skate race at Elm Creek or team time trial. Plan to wear your uniforms either way. New skiers will have skill drills and games instead of a time trial.

Plan is to be skiing at Theodore Wirth. The bus returning from Wirth will not be back in time for the activity bus. Also, JV2 may come to practice today, since JV2 will not have practice on Thursday
Workout: Long/Easy
Varsity 90-120 minutes slow classic or skate ski. 5x15 second L5 pickups mixed in. 
JV1 60 minutes
JV2 - Skill drills and games for those at practice

HHS has conferences - L3 Classic Sprint Intervals workout. Stay tuned for location and time but we will not have a bus leaving from the high school this day.

Ski-A-thon at Theo Wirth at 9am. We want to see all skiers there! Families and friends are invited as well. Different levels will be skiing different distances. There will be a bus leaving from HHS at 8:30 or meet at Wirth by 9am. We should be done by noon, bus will leave Wirth at 11:30 and back at HHS before Noon. See this link to our campaign page and get out and raise money to help the team! 

Saturday - consult with coach
Sunday - off