Announcements & Training Week of November 12, 2018

posted Nov 11, 2018, 2:29 PM by Sid Voss   [ updated Nov 11, 2018, 2:30 PM ]

November 12—18

It’s going to be cold this week but we will plan to be outside everyday, bring warm, dry clothes every day. You must have a hat and gloves. If you have them, ski pants, wind pants or sweatpants and a light wind breaking jacket is preferrable. Bring running shoes. 

Monday November 12

You must be registered for Nordic Skiing before you may practice. (

You must have your blue “ALL CLEAR” card before you can practice. Get the card at the Athletic Office at the High School, or for the Junior Highs, in your school office.

If you are not registered or you do not have the Blue Card, you may come on Monday for announcements, but you may not practice.  

The State High School League requires that everyone be registered in order to practice.  We also need to order ski passes from Three Rivers and Wirth, so we need you need to be registered so we can order your ski passes.

Group Meetings
Explain levels, go over rules/expectations, get lockers, activity bus stickers
Explanation of Levels - Most of our training will be at L1 and our intervals will focus on L4/L5
L1= really easy: no discomfort
L2= easy; can hold a conversation the entire time
L3= 15k race pace; some discomfort, especially over hills, harder to hold a conversation.
L4= 5k race pace
L5= Sprint.  Max speed.

Varsity/JV1: (we encourage competitive JV trying to be on varsity to practice with Varsity) 45 min L1 run, abs as a team then weight room after for intro to lifting routines

JV1/JV2: Easy L1 30-45 min run at school “Neighborhood Loop”
Everyone together Ab workout after practice and name circle. 
Abs Routine: 
Do 30 seconds of each 
Right Side Plank
Left Plank
V-Ups or V-hold
Bicycle kicks
Russian Twists

Tuesday November 13

Workout: Hard/Intervals 
L1 20 min warmup in neighborhood loop then meet in backyard
Varsity/JV1: 4-6 x 3 Minutes @ L4 with 1 min recovery
JV 1: 3-4 x 3 mins @ L1 with 1 min recovery
JV 2: 1-2 x 3 mins @ L4 with full recovery
Games as a team as cool down by watertower

Wednesday November 14

Register Wirth passes before practice.  

Workout: Easy Long
Varsity/JV1: 90-120 minute roller ski at L1 effort, weight room after
JV 1: 45-50 min run @ L1 effort
JV 2: No JV2 (DV) on Wednesdays and Fridays, unless you are registered for 5 days a week.  JV2 will workout with JV1.

Thursday November 15

Parent Info Meeting After Practice

Workout: Easy Long
Varsity: 90-120 minute roller ski or run at L1 effort
JV 1: 45-50 min run @ L1 effort
JV 2: 30 min run, technique work
***After practice - In Commons Area - Team Info Meeting
5:30 pm pizza, 6:00pm parent info meeting, 6:30pm ski rental handout

Friday November 16

We may try to go somewhere for a workout

Workout: Hills, Bring Ski Poles (Classic if you have them)
10 minute warm up
Varsity: 8-10 Hills
JV 1: 6-8 Hills
JV 2 (For those signed up for 5 days a week): hill walk or run
Ski specific plyos after warm up - bounds, pause bounds, side steps w/ poling motion, focus on pushing yourself at the top of the hill and get up and over.  

Saturday November 17  

For all Varsity Skiers and JV1 skiers wanting to move up and improve.

Meet at Theo Wirth at new Trailhead Building, time TBD. 

Workout: long
90 for those with less experience. 2hrs rollerski (or double pole less time ) or possible ski 
Workout: Long 
2 hour roller ski or ski for those with more experience. For varsity and competitive JV1, it is vital you come to Saturday practice. You need high volume workouts this time of year to build a solid endurance base to carry you through race season. 
For those JV 1 skiers with less experience, we will go for a 60-90 minute pole hike or run. 
Bring poles, roller skis, skis, good shoes for trail ski walk if we cannot roller ski or ski.