Announcements & Training Week of November 19, 2018

posted Nov 18, 2018, 10:20 AM by Sid Voss   [ updated Nov 18, 2018, 1:53 PM ]

Announcements (Scroll down for Training Plan)

1) Booster Club Rental Skate Skis
If you have returned the form (or completed it online), we have your skis picked for your size and weight. Now we need to make sure we have the correct bindings on the skis for your boots.  If you have your boots, bring them to practice on Monday and we will double check if we have the correct bindings on the skis. 

If you don't have your boots yet, please try to get them soon.

2) If you are a new skier and and need skis, please complete the form online or download and print the paper form and bring it on Monday to practice.

3)  Ski Passes: The parks where we ski require ski passes and the team will purchase these for you.

Wirth: Each skier will need to be registered by an adult family member to receive a pass to ski at Wirth Park.  Registration is free and easy online. Here are the details and link. Please do this as soon as possible. Coaches will pick up the physical passes and distribute at practice.

Three Rivers (Hyland, Elm Creek, French, Glen Lake, etc.): You don't need to register, we will distribute the passes at practice.

4) PodiumWear Jackets and Hopkins Spirit Wear are now available on the Gear page. The PodiumWear store closes on November 20 and the Hopkins Spirit Wear needs to be ordered by November 28.

5) Please make sure your skis, boots, and especially your poles are labeled with your name.  (We have labeled our rental skis with your name already.) Ski bags are easily mixed up...please make sure your name is on your bag.  It is also helpful to add something like a ribbon to the bag handle, so you can quickly find your bag.

6) Ski Bags: These are great to keep your skis and poles together.  Some examples:

If you can't get a ski bag, you should have ski ties to hold your skis together, available at ski shops.

7) We will have the training plan for practices this week posted later today.  On Monday, we will have a bus to Lone Lake for dry-land training. (Scroll down for the training plan.)

8) If you can, bring your skis to practice this week...we will get started with waxing.  

9) 1st Year Skiers: The Weekly Plan for Your Skis:

Our skiers keep their skis and poles in the Wax Room for practices during the week, and take their skis home for the weekend so they can ski on their own or join a possible early Saturday morning optional practice.  (Even though it looks like we will not be on snow this week, we will be waxing our skis.) 

No matter which school you are at, you will need to bring your skis with you to school on Monday mornings.  However, skis/poles (even in bags) are not allowed on the buses, so you will need to get a ride to school. Once your skis are at school, here is what you do:
    • High School:  Put your skis in the wax room—if you do not know the combo for the door, see a team member for the combo.
    • North Junior High:  There is a storage closet near the cafeteria for the skis/poles during the day.  Check with the office for the exact location of the closet.  After school, grab your skis and go to practice.
    • West Junior High: There is a storage closet next to the elevator across from the cafeteria.  Check with the front door receptionist to unlock the closet door.  Try to keep all the Nordic ski bags separate from the Alpine stuff. 
      • On Monday, before practice, one of the coaches will pick up the skis and bring them to the Wax Room at the High School.
      • We will pick up skis only on Mondays, and we will only pick up skis and poles (preferably in ski bags).  We will not bring backpacks, duffels, etc...bring that stuff yourself on the activity bus.
At the end of the week, you should take your skis home, but this is hard to do if you take the activity bus home. Sometimes skiers will leave skis in the wax room over the weekend if they can't get them home or if they know they won't ski on the weekend.

Training Plan for the Week

We’ll have regular practice after school this week on Monday and Tuesday. Varsity and interested JV1 will be meeting at a park on Wednesday and Saturday as well. The times and locations of those practices are TBD as it will depend if we can get on snow to ski. No practice on Thursday or Friday.

Varsity and those wanting to be on varsity should try to go to the weight room twice this week. Alternate the two workouts at the end of this post.

Monday - 

BRING SKI POLES! (Classic if you have them, skate is fine if not. JV2 does not need poles - Bus to Lone Lake leaving school at 3:15 sharp. We should be back by 5:15 or so.

Workout: Hills/Drills

Varsity/JV1: Workout together running hills and bounding practice.

JV2: Technique work and some hills


Workout: Easy/Long

Varsity/JV1: 90 minute roller ski at L1 effort w/ roller ski strength, double pole/abs only pole.  Full recovery. You can use skate or classic roller skis, should be classic, but bring classic poles.

JV 1: 45-50 min run @ L1/L2 effort

JV2: Workout with Coach Voss: Dryland drills and How to Wax Your Skis

Wednesday - No School

Workout: Location and time TBD. Coaches will send out a remind on Tuesday with details. Plan for a long workout, 120 minutes. Bring food and water.

Thursday - Turkey Day!

Workout: Somewhere try to fit in a 30-45 min run/roller ski/or bike. A short workout will help recovery.


Workout: On Own

Choose one of the following and do at L1 pace

Run 45-50 minutes

Ski at Wirth or Roller ski 60 minutes

Bike 90 minutes


Workout: Time and Location TBD

Varsity - 90-120 minutes ski or rollerski with 6x45 second L5 pickups and full recovery in between.

JV - 60 min out and back run in total (Run 30 minutes, turn around and do 4X2 minutes at L4 pickups with full recovery, finish out the 60 minutes)

Weight Lifting Plan for Varsity (2 x each circuit, 2nd time max)

Pull-Ups/Lat Pull Downs

Dips/Bench Dips



Olympic Leg Lifts (If you have been doing them all summer)

Pushup Routine

  1. Burpees (30 seconds)

  2. Tricep Push Ups (Max)

Skater Jumps (3-5 minutes)

Box Jumps

Kettlebell Swings

Kneeling Slasher


Star Jumps

Abs routine

Weight Lifting B (2 x each circuit, 2nd time max)

Pull-Ups/Lat Pull Downs

Dips/Bench Dips

Tricep Pull Downs

Pushup Routine

  1. Normal Dumbell Pushups (30 seconds)

  2. Tricep Push Ups (Max)

Step-ups (10-15 each leg)

Split-Squat w/ weights

Deadlift, Hinges