Borrowed/Rented Equipment & Skis. Lost & Found. Ski Care for the Off-Season

posted Feb 16, 2020, 4:36 PM by Sid Voss   [ updated Feb 16, 2020, 4:51 PM ]
Borrowed/Rented Equipment & Skis
If you have borrowed or rented skis, boots, or poles, please make sure you get them back to the wax room for HHS and North students or the closet next to the elevator for West students.  

When you have returned the equipment, please let Coach Voss know by replying to one of Voss's Remind messages or email . Text or email your name, the equipment returned, and if it is in the wax room or at West.  

You may use the equipment until the snow is gone.  Please help by returning the equipment and not having us track you down and nag you....Thanks!  Parents/Adults, please help by checking your skier's equipment bag for borrowed/rented equipment.  

Some Lost & Found Stuff--If it is yours, text or email Coach Voss,
A pair of Swix lobster mitts.
A pair of Yoko mitts.
A Fischer Drink Belt/Hydration Belt
Swix warmup pants

Ski Care for the Off-Season
On classic skis make sure you remove any kick wax or klister.  If you leave it on the ski, it is very difficult to remove next year.

Melt a thin layer of wax on your skate skis and on the glide zones on you classic skis.  Use base prep wax (red or purple) or any of the blue bars you find on the counter in the wax room.  Just drip the wax on, melt it in, but don't scrap.  The wax covering will protect the bases of your skis and prevent them from drying out.