Conference Champs Start List and Info

posted Jan 22, 2017, 4:59 PM by Sid Voss   [ updated Jan 25, 2017, 6:47 PM ]
The Conference Champs meet is on Thursday, January 26 at Wirth Park.  The first race is classic beginning at 1:30, with the skate pursuit at 4:00. (These times may change.)

UPDATE 1/24/17:  Wirth has shortened the amount of time that we are able to use the park and we will not have a JV race as part of Conference Champs.  All JV will participate in the JV Champs race at Elm Creek on February 2.

The bus will leave HHS at 11:30.  We will send you more detailed info for early dismissal.

Skiers racing will need to have their glide zones waxed on BOTH their classic and skate skis prior to Wednesday. We will be applying kick wax to your skis before the race, so we will need your skis with us on Wednesday after practice. Plan to wax your skis on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.  Do not leave all your waxing until Wednesday!

Here are the start lists.  If you are not able to race, please tell Coach Fuhr or Voss as soon as possible.

Boys Varsity Updated 1/25/17
Avenson, Simon
Brendalen, Ray
Dunnewind, Caleb
Eliason, Seth
Eklund, Sam
Eng, Isaac
Hoffman, Logan
Hunwardsen, Sean
Katona, Ben
Miller, James
Sagedahl, Penn
Schmanski, Niko
Schricker, Seth
Zeitz, Paul

Girls Varsity
Ahlquist, Anne
Anderson, Renae
Avenson, Lucy
Den Hartog, Lilly
Dirnberger, Sophie
Douglass, Chance
Giesting, Anna
Hinck, Laura
Jackson, Kaelin
Jackson, Kyra
Munger, Ellie
Munger, Lauren
Provenzano, Lily
Versen, Theresa