Plan for Varsity and JV, Week of November 30

posted Nov 29, 2015, 9:41 AM by Sid Voss
There will be a lot of  changes to the schedule this week due to snow or no snow.  Be prepared for dryland or snow training.   Depending on the conditions we will have a race Wednesday.  All JV and Varsity skiers are expected to race.  New skiers are welcome to come and will not race unless your coach thinks otherwise, be sure to ask coaches Monday.  It is important for you to be on top of training and academics as our competition season begins, plan accordingly.  As said in the “race routine preparation,” please sign up for the race

Remember to get your skis to school if they are not in the wax room already.  West students, we will get your skis from West to the High School on Monday.

Monday, November 30
Run and rollerski, workout
L-3 x minutes, 20 min warm up, 3 minute rest between, cool down
Some skiers will be carpooling to Meadow Brook golf course with rock skis with Kyle 
Uniforms will be handed out.
Yellowstone Skiers off, but communicate with coach Fuhr

Tuesday December 1
Skate  Roller Ski
Run with poles in the back yard
45 minutes total
6x20 second L5 full rest between
practice starts, practice V2
Wax skis for race
All welcome to pasta party after practice at school.

Wednesday December 2
If no race, hopefully ski on field team relay, either running or on skis

Thursday December 3
Easy ski at school.  

Friday December 4
L1 ski for Varsity and top JV
60 minutes

Saturday December 5
90 minutes
L1 long ski and technique training