Info for Meet on Wednesday, December 2, 2015

posted Nov 28, 2015, 2:04 PM by Sid Voss   [ updated Nov 29, 2015, 9:20 AM ]
This is important information, please read and share with your parents.

These plans will change as the weather changes.  Watch for Remind messages for updates.
Everyone is encouraged to go to the meet to either do the race or to just do some skiing!  No matter what you do, you must sign up on the form at the bottom of this page.

•Our first ski meet (race) of the season is Wednesday.  Right now, the snow conditions do not look great, but there is some snow coming Monday night, so that might make the race a go—it depends on how much snow we get and if Three Rivers Parks can groom it soon enough.  Even though we might not have the race, we need to be ready.

•Everyone on the team is welcome to come ski and/or race.  We encourage all second year skiers and above to do the race.  First year skiers should come along to do some skiing on snow before the races begin, and then watch the races.

•Everyone who is coming to the meet, needs to sign up using the form at the bottom of this page. You will tell us if your are racing, coming to the meet to ski before the races begin, or not able to attend.  Please respond by Tuesday, 7:00 pm.

•The Pasta Party will be at Hopkins High School right after practice on Tuesday, December 1.  Parents of first year and DV skiers are invited!

•Here is what we know right now about the race, but this can change:
For the more experienced skiers, it will be a relay race.  We will have 3 girls' teams of 4 each and 3 boys' teams of 4 each. 2 skiers on each team will classic; 2 will skate.
For everyone else, it will be a skate race.
The distance for each leg of the relay and the skate race will be determined by the conditions, but should be about 2.5k. (That is about 1.6 miles.)

•Schedule details for Wednesday, if we have the race:
1:20 pm: West skiers are dismissed early from class. Bus leaves West at 1:30 (This bus will have a trailer, so if your skis are not already at the high school, you can put them in the trailer). You will meet the rest of the team at the High School, get changed, and get your skis from the wax room.  If racing, get your bib.
1:40 pm: North and High School skiers are dismissed early. Get changed, get your bib, get your skis, and get on the bus.
2:10 pm: Buses leave HHS.
2:30 pm: Arrive at  Hyland. Time to ski and warm up.
Here is the basic race schedule:
3:30 Varsity Boys 
2:40 Varsity Girls
3:50 JV1 Boys
4:00 JV1 Girls
4:10 JV2 Boys (Includes DV)
4:20 JV2 Girls (Includes DV)
6:00 pm: Buses arrive back at school. (This is after the activity buses leave.)

•Bring your ski uniform to wear at Hyland, whether or not you are doing the race. (We are issuing uniforms on Monday at practice.)

•While waiting for your race to start, you should wear a jacket and some sort of warm-up pants over your uniform. Just before your race, take this stuff off.  Parent volunteers will help you or you can stash your warmup clothing on the fence.

•Bring warm clothes to change into after skiing, dry gloves/mittens, hat, etc. 

•Bring a water bottle with water or sports drink.

•Make sure you get the assignments for the class you are leaving early.

•We will send lists of skiers to the schools so they know who is dismissing early.

Hyland Skate Race or Ski on Wednesday, December 2—Are you able to join us?