State Meet Updates

posted Mar 8, 2021, 12:31 PM by Aaron Giannobile   [ updated Mar 10, 2021, 5:19 AM ]
Greetings, there are some important updates on the state meet that I just learned of today you need to be aware of and some action items as well. We have a booster meeting tonight at 8pm and I can try to answer your questions there, along with our other agenda items. Let me know if you need that meeting info and I can email it to you privately. 

2. MSHSL Nordic Ski Hoodies:  Order at

3. The State Meet will be streamed online by SchoolSpace Media at  and produced by Rock Ridge Public Schools.  Price will be $9.99.

***Update (3/10/21)*** The course will now just be the classic course for both skate and classic races. The second race may be delayed by 5-10 minutes to allow for skiers to clear the course. 
    Girls races will be on Thursday and Boys on Friday
    Races are at: 1pm Classic Race. 2:20pm Skate Race. 

5. As of now, each skier is only allowed one spectator, period. These are MSHSL rules and have already made people upset and I completely understand. Like everything else, this may change and hopefully it does. But as of now we have to stick with one. So that also unfortunately means that other skiers can't come up and watch and the girls can't stay to watch the boys or vice versa. 

6. Skiing on Wednesday and warmup before the race: There is some skiing on the Bronze Trail and on Northern Lights, but it sounds like conditions are not good. The warmup area before the race is just going to be around the base of the ski hill. 

I will let you know updates as I hear them!