Training & Announcements for Week of Dec. 2nd-8th

posted Dec 1, 2019, 4:06 PM by Aaron Giannobile

We have a race on Tuesday at Elm Creek, all JV and Varsity skiers are expected to race.  New skiers are welcome to come and will not race unless your coach thinks otherwise, be sure to ask coaches Monday.  It is important for you to be on top of training and academics as our competition season begins, plan accordingly. Please sign up for the race here by Monday at 7pm. See coaches for waxing times on Monday. If you didn’t get a uniform or want to change for one that fits better, see a coach Monday. 

Other announcements - Please Read!

  1. Make sure you attend the Chemical Awareness Meeting on Monday Dec. 2nd in the HHS little theater at 6pm. You and your family need to attend this before a skier can race. 

  2. Please make sure you have paid your Booster Club fee on the website.

  3. Remember to get out and start raising money for the Ski-A-Thon taking place at 9am on Friday, December 13th at Theodore Wirth Park. Our goal is for each skier to raise $100. Prizes go out to skiers who raise the most money. Check out the fundraising page to make a donation here!

  4. Make sure to sign up ASAP for Ski Camp if you are interested in going. The deadline technically has passed so get your down payment in ASAP. 

  5. Get some friends and family together to go volunteer at the Optimist Tree Lot. They are a big supporter of our program. Click here to sign up! (Also on website)

Monday - At school, meet in the classroom for the day’s plan before practice @ 3:10pm, DO NOT START WAXING SKIS UNTIL YOU HAVE TALKED WITH A COACH


Varsity Run/Weights, 45-60 Minutes at L1

JV1 45 Minute Run

JV2 40 Minute Run

Tuesday - Relay Race (for Varsity) / 2.5k Skate Race for Others at Elm Creek, details here. 


Varsity and JV1 - Since you will only be skiing 2.5k today, plan on a long warm up and even longer cooldown with speed.

JV2 - Invited to race OR come to the race and just ski. There will be no practice at school or elsewhere today as coaches need to be at the race. 

Wednesday - Bus to Theo Wirth leaving at 3:10pm and back around 5:30pm


Varsity and JV1 - Classic Skiing and double poling. 120 minutes without stopping (water breaks 30+ minutes) - 20 minutes DP only, 20 minutes no poles. 

Thursday - Bus to Theo Wirth leaving at 3:10pm and back around 5:30pm


Varsity/JV1 - L4 Intervals, on hills hopefully. 

JV2 - Ski, focus on weight transfer

Friday - Bus to Hyland leaving school at 4pm, back around 6:30pm. - Since Hyland is a great learning space, we’d like to invite the JV2/3-Day skiers to this practice as well. 

Workout: 90 minute ski, technique TBD


Workout Distance, Location TBD - 120 minute ski at L1 with L5 pickups (6x15 seconds).