Training Update for Varsity, Friday 12/4 & Saturday 12/5

posted Dec 3, 2015, 5:51 PM by Sid Voss
Friday, 12/4
Varsity ski at Elm Creek, or Hyland.  Bring your pass, you will be checked.  Ski in the A.M. Coordinate and carpool.  Good job for those of you Thursday.  There is now 1.8 k open as of tonight.
Varsity skiers you must practice with your team and if you cannot, do the practice on own and communicate with your coach.

Friday Practice:
110 minutes total
20 min warm up L1
3X6 L3 Legs only
3X6 L3 poles only
3 min active recovery between
Add one more if feeling good
Cool down remaining time

Saturday, 12/5
Varsity Classic ski 60 minutes
Stride no poles 20 minutes