Updates and Conference Team Week of 1/28

posted Jan 30, 2019, 12:59 PM by Aaron Giannobile   [ updated Jan 30, 2019, 1:11 PM ]
So here's where we stand:
  • Conference Champs was officially rescheduled as of midnight this morning to Friday 2/1 at Carver Park. It is still a pursuit race. The 5k skate race will start at 1:30pm and the classic 5k pursuit will start at 4pm. 
  • JV Champs is rescheduled for Tuesday 2/5 at Elm Creek at 4pm, race info and signup will be sent out this weekend. 
  • Saturday Practice: Volunteering at Loppet Luminaries at 10am. No team ski as there won't be an open park for us to ski together as a team. 
  • The section team NEEDS to ski Saturday. You should all plan to meet and ski at Hyland at 7:30am and coaches will be following up on this. With the week off it is important to ski a recovery 75 min L1 ski with 5x20 second L5 pickups. to prepare for Monday's race. Saturday night is also an important night for SLEEP, so plan to take it easy and try to go to bed at a reasonable hour. The section team will be announced Friday after Conference Champs. 
Conference racers will meet after school on Thursday at 3:00pm for a quick meeting and then to wax skis, the coaches will let you know what the wax will be at the meeting. You will need to wax both skate and classic skis and make sure your classic skis are cleaned, sanded and marked for the hard wax zones. If you get down to the wax room before the meeting, you may clean you classic skis but please do not start glide waxing.

The conference team is below, please make sure to let a coach know if you cannot race, otherwise I will register you. The section team will be announced on Friday after the race. 

Dismissal from school for the Friday race are the following times. 

11:10 am: West skiers are dismissed early from class. Bus leaves West at 11:15 am (This bus will have a trailer, so if your skis are not already at the high school, put them on the trailer). You will meet the rest of the team at the High School, get changed, and get your skis from the wax room.  If racing, get your bib.

11:30pm North and High School skiers are dismissed early. Get changed, get your bib, get your skis, and get on the bus.

12:00 pm: Buses leave HHS.

12:30 pm: Arrive at Carver. 

1:30 pm:  Skate Race start, Classic pursuit is at 4pm. 

6:00pm-6:30: Buses arrive back at school. 

Hopkins Nordic Conference Team 2018/2019



  1. Kaelin

  2. Ellie

  3. Lauren

  4. Laci

  5. Ella

  6. Elsa

  7. Lily P

  8. Lucy

  9. Shoshanna

  10. Ati

  11. Audrey

  12. Lily D

  13. Sofia

  14. Ani

  1. Phil

  2. Caleb

  3. Tim

  4. James

  5. Seth S

  6. Colby

  7. Trent

  8. Oliver

  9. Yaakov

  10. John

  11. Seth K

  12. Simon S

  13. Simon W

  14. Hezzy