Varsity & Top JV Lake Conference Champs Start Lists for Hopkins

posted Jan 23, 2016, 9:22 AM by Sid Voss   [ updated Jan 23, 2016, 9:34 AM ]
Our last conference meet of the season is on Thursday, January 28 at Wirth Park with race start at 1:30. (Early dismissal after block 2...details posted later.)

This race is for Varsity and Top JV and the start lists are below.  If you are not in this race, you do the Conference JV2 Champs Race at Hyland on Tuesday.

If you are on the list and cannot race, please email Coach Voss .

Thursday racers:  You must do the glide wax for your Skate and Classic skis.  Because of the number of skiers and skis, coaches will not have time to wax yours skis, and coaches will only apply glide top coats (if necessary) on Skate and Classic skis and kick wax on Classic Skis.  Make sure you organize your week so that you can wax both pairs of your skis before Thursday.

The wax recommendation will be posted in the wax room Sunday, along with the necessary waxes. 

The start list and divisions for Thursday's meet:

Ahlquist, Anne Varsity
Anderson, Renae Varsity
Benton, Claire Varsity
Bissell, Sarina JV
Den Hartog, Lilly Varsity
Dirnberger, Sophie Varsity
Douglass, Chance Varsity
Giesting, Anna Varsity
Hinck, Laura JV
Jackson, Kaelin Varsity
Jackson, Kyra Varsity
Kreienbrink, Kendra JV
Krietzman, Ruby Varsity
Miller, Lucianna Varsity
Munger, Ellie Varsity
Steinberg, Anya JV
Torrison, Jessica Varsity
Versen, Theresa Varsity

Avenson, Simon Varsity
Brendalen, Ray Varsity
Brown, Parker Varsity
Dunnewind, Caleb JV
Eliason, Seth Varsity
Eng, Isaac Varsity
Gitler, Will JV
Hedberg, John Varsity
Hoffman, Logan Varsity
Hunwardsen, Ryan Varsity
Hunwardsen, Sean Varsity
Katona, Ben Varsity
Katona, David Varsity
Miller, James JV
Nelson, Erik Varsity
Sagedahl, Penn JV
Schmanski, Niko JV
Schricker, Seth JV
Yore, Abel Varsity
Zeitz, Paul JV