Weekly Announcements & Training Plan/Schedule Week of December 11, 2016

posted Dec 11, 2016, 8:26 AM by Sid Voss   [ updated Dec 11, 2016, 9:38 AM ]

1) The complete training plan for the week will be posted as soon as we we know if any of the trails will  be open and be available for us. 

2)  Monday will be an easy ski at school. 
  • We will skate ski without poles. This is important for both beginner and experienced skiers...it is the best way to learn and improve balance, weight shift, and glide for everyone.
  • Experienced skiers....before you begin your easy ski, please help the new skiers put skis on and get started.
  • Make sure you have skis, boots, and poles at school this week. (West skis will be picked up and brought to the high school Monday morning.)
  • Remember to bring warm socks, hat, and gloves.
3)  We should know on Tuesday if the race is on for Thursday.  It we do race, it will be skate, not classic.  
  • Watch for the Remind message on Tuesday about whether the race is on or not.
  • In the Remind message, look for the response link. In the response form you will...
    • indicate if you are doing the race. (We expect that skiers in their second year and beyond do the race.)
    • indicate if you are coming along  to ski before the race and  then watch the race.  This option is first year skiers only.
  • You must complete the response form (racing, coming along, or not coming) by Wednesday 7:00 pm.
4)  First year skiers:  if you are renting booster club skis but do not have your skis yet, please email Coach Voss by Sunday evening so he will bring skis for you to use Monday, sidvoss@hopkinsnordic.com.  

5)  Here are a few skate videos to watch.

6)  All of our skiers will receive a Three River Parks seasonal ski pass this week. 

You must carry your Three Rivers Ski Pass when you are skiing at any Three Rivers Parks, except at race meets when are wearing your uniform.

Three Rivers says, "You must carry and display the pass in a visible location."  Some people attach the pass to a jacket zipper or wear a lanyard with the pass.  Just make sure you always have it at Three Rivers parks! 

The park police do check for passes.  If you don't have one with you, you will need to buy a daily pass for $6 at most parks, or $9 at Elm Creek or Hyland. Sometimes park police fine people without passes. Remember to bring your pass and keep it safe.

If you lose your pass, the cost to replace the season pass is $37.50.

Your pass is good for any Three Rivers park.  You can use the pass to ski other times besides our team practices. Here are some Three Rivers parks that have good Nordic Trails:

Elm Creek (man-made snow and natural snow)
Hyland  (man-made snow and natural snow)
Glen Lake (natural snow)
French Park (natural snow)
Baker (natural snow)
Carver (natural snow)
Eagle Creek (natural snow)
Park Locations