Weekly Plan & Sections Race Info 2/3-2/8

posted Feb 2, 2020, 1:51 PM by Aaron Giannobile   [ updated Feb 2, 2020, 5:03 PM ]

Congratulations to all our skiers who raced this week, congrats to Varsity Conference skiers and JV skiers, congrats on an awesome season!

Listed below is our section team for varsity girls and boys. Schedule is below that. 

This week we will still have practice as we get ready for Section Races on Thursday. JV1/2 skiers can come to practice Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. No practice on Thursday as we’ll be racing.

Section Waxing Schedule: On Tuesday you will need to clean your classic and skate skis after practice. Then on Wednesday, you will apply one layer of wax after practice and then brush out your skis really well. 

Schedule for the day is as follows:
  • Skiers excused from school all day and should plan to be at HHS by 8am. The bus for the race will leave at 8:30am.
  • 9am - Arrive at Wirth, drop stuff, get bibs
  • 10am - Girls Skate
  • 11am - Boys Skate
  • Lunch at Mungers in between races - there will be parents to help drive skiers between the park and their house. 
  • 1:30pm - Girls Classic Pursuit
  • 2:30pm - Boys Classic Pursuit
  • Return to school after races. 
















Simon W.

Alternates: Emma, Ani, Lily

Alternates: Yaakov, Simon S., Oscar

Monday - Bus to Wirth leaving school at 3:15pm and back around 5:30pm. 

Workout - Bring skate and classic skis, short speed intervals to keep up intensity.  

Tuesday -  Bus to French leaving school at 3:15pm and back around 5:30pm. 

Workout - Easy 90 minute Classic Ski

**Section Skiers need to CLEAN skis after practice. You will clean your classic skis and skate skis, both kick and glide zones. If you have them, ski on a different pair of skate skis on Wednesday, if not, no big deal to ski on your cleaned skis. 


Wednesday - Bus to Wirth leaving school at 3:15pm and back around 5:00pm.

Workout - 45 minute easy skate ski and course preview.

**Section Skiers need to wax skis after practice and plan to leave your skis with coaches. 

Thursday - Section 6 Pursuit, Wirth. Girls Skate @ 10am, Boys @ 11am. Girls Classic Pursuit @ 1:30pm, Boys at 2:30pm. 

Friday - Plan TBD.

Saturday - Plan TBD.