Week of November 8, 2016

posted Nov 8, 2015, 5:42 AM by Sid Voss   [ updated Nov 8, 2015, 1:11 PM ]

For all levels: Varsity, Junior Varsity (JV), and Developmental (DV)

Our first practices of the season begin on Monday, November 9 at Lindbergh Center.  We will meet the classroom area upstairs near the athletic office.

Our first practice on Monday will be a team meeting, followed up by a workout

For each day this week, you should be dressed for workouts, including running shoes. Be prepared to be outside. 

Practice is everyday after school for Varsity and JV, or Monday/Tuesday/Thursday for DV.

Make sure you are registered for Nordic!  Visit the Hopkins Athletics Registration Site to register.

Monday, Nov 9
Intro to Team in a classroom
45 easy run.  All groups together.  Coaches meeting.

Tuesday, Nov 10
Coach Voss - DV
Coach Aaron Gionnoble - JV Girls 
Coach Kyle Lidstone  Boys Varsity and top JV boys
Coach Rob Fuhr   Girls and Boys Varsity
Break up into groups.  Varsity at 3:10.  JV at 3:20.  DV at 3:20
Intro to Training for JV and DV
Run or Rollerski [Bring rollerskis if you have them.  Our elite skiers own these (no others are expected to own them]

Work out for the day
Coaches will revise for ability level.

20 warm up
3x8 min at L3 (JV+ DV will do a modified version of this)
1 to 1 recovery
15 cool down
Note:  Varsity with roller skis will car pool to the cedar trail in Saint Louis Park (off Cedar lake road  and Virginia) meet Coach Kyle and Coach Kos.   Your work-out will be on the trail. The work-out will be on classic roller skis if you have them, skate if do not.

Wednesday, Nov 11
Break up into groups.  Varsity at 3:10.  JV at 3:20.  DV at 3:20
45 min easy run  L1-2
Intro to Weights/Circuits; bring warmer clothes (hats and gloves) for afterwards.  We will do circuits outside

Thursday, Nov 12
Bus to Lone Lake
Everyone be ready to run. Lone Lake hill work out

Friday Nov 13
30-45 run.  All groups together.
L1-2   Play games after practice.