We count on parent volunteers to help make the season a huge success. See the volunteer opportunities and sign up below.

Ski Meet Volunteers: signups

Parent volunteers help coaches and skiers and keep meets running smoothly. You will learn more about Nordic racing, get to know the skiers and bond with other volunteers. Read more.

Pasta Party Volunteers:

12/9/19 hosted by Firehammer's - signup to help!
1/9/20 hosted by School/Sanford's - signup to help!
1/16/20 hosted by Hunwardsen's - signup to help!
1/27/20 hosted by Palm's - signup to help!

These carbo-loaded events are loved by our skiers on the night before a race. They are hosted by skier families. Volunteers are needed to bring and serve food and help clean-up. It's a fun way to get to know the team!

Optimist Tree Lot - Signups

Fundraiser at West End Cub Foods on December 20, 2019 - signups