Booster Club Rental Skis

Skate Skis

The Booster Club sponsors a skate ski rental program for first year skiers.

If you are a first year skier and wish to rent skis for the year, please complete this online form for skate skis. (Depending on the demand, we may have skis available for second year skiers, but you will need to wait until we get all the first year skiers set with skis.)

Pay the rental fee online (

You will need to provide ski boots, poles, and a ski bag. Look at the Gear Page for info on ski swaps and local ski shops.

Pole length should be from the ground to about the skier's lips or nose for Skate Skis.

A ski bag is very handy and inexpensive ones can be found at local ski shops.

Boots can be either Skate or Combi boots. Combi boots can be used for Classic nordic skiing as well and work great for both skating and classic, if you can find them. There are several types of binding systems (how the boots are attached to the skis) in the nordic world, and it can be a little confusing. Visit this page for complete information on ski boots and bindings.

Classic Skis

The Booster Club sponsors a classic ski rental program for second and third year skiers. Complete this online form for classic skis.

We will provide classic poles with the rental skis. You will need to provide Combi boots or classic boots.

Pay the rental fee online