Boots & Bindings

In the Nordic world, that are several different binding and boots types. Unfortunately, the binding/boots types are not interchangeable. To make it even more confusing, the different binding types look very similar.

If you are purchasing skis, boots, and bindings, we suggest you look for either NNN or Prolink binding systems. These systems are interchangeable and would give you the most flexibility for the future.

If you are renting a pair of Booster Club skis, you can purchase NNN/Prolink or you may be able to find used SNS Profil/SNS Pilot boots. We have skis available for both NNN/Prolink and SNS. (Rental Information)

Besides different binding types, there are Skate Boots, Classic Boots, and Combi Boots. Our new skiers all start on Skate Skis and typically in their second or third year of skiing will begin Classic skiing. For kids starting out, we suggest Skate or Combi boots. Skate boots don't work too well for Classic Skiing, but the Combi boots are designed to work "okay" for both Skate and Classic. Our older and more experienced skiers typically have a pair a Skate boots and a pair of Classic boots, although a pair of Combi boots works just fine.