Photo credit: Matt Urbanowicz

Skis & Poles

In Nordic skiing, there are two techniques and each uses different skis, poles, and boots.

Skate skiing resembles a person on roller blades or a skater on ice. The ski on one side pushes to the side, while the other ski glides forward and then the gliding ski pushes to the side while gliding on the other ski

Classic skiing uses a forward and back strading motion that looks a little bit like walking but is much faster. Classic skiing uses a kick wax in the middle of the ski that sticks to the snow and then releases to propel the skier forward.

Our Varsity and Junior Varsity 1 skiers practice and race both Skate and Classic styles. Our beginner skiers (Junior Varsity 2) practice and race Skate style, but some may give classic a try.

Varsity and most JV1 skies have both skate and classic skis, along with the poles for each. Skate poles measure from the snow to the skier's nose, and classic poles come up to the arm pit or shoulder.

The Nordic Booster Club has rental skate skis for first year skiers and rental classic skis for second and third year skiers. Skiers renting skis provide their own ski boots and skate poles. We provide classic poles for those renting classic skis.