The three paths to lettering are listed below:

1. Be on the Section Team (including being named an alternate). Typically, the top 7 girls and top 7 boys will race at sections. Since only 4 skiers from each team score in this race, time gaps matter. We will only take skiers who are competitive and can possibly help the team; this might result in taking a smaller squad to sections if there is a great separation between skiers.

2. Coaches’ Discretion

People skiing in varsity races (top 14) are all candidates to letter. Over the past years we have increased the number in the varsity races to give more kids this top-level experience. However, just being in this race does not mean lettering. We are looking for other qualities as well:

At a minimum, the skier needs to be able to race both skate and classic on the days we do those races.

We expect varsity letter winners to be the leaders of this team with their actions and attitude.


    • Attends all practices and does all workouts (including the Saturday ones)

    • Works out on quality and distance days with the varsity. This doesn’t mean that you need to be as fast as the first boy or girl on intervals, but you should be doing workouts with the top group. We use the rest periods to regroup, and you will not be left behind.

    • Knows how to wax your skis for both techniques.

    • Strives to improve in both techniques.

    • Assists the coaches as they get the team organized for practices, helps with loading buses, and aids the coaches with the many tasks on those busy race days.

    • Helps new skiers learn the sport.


  • Demonstrates a great attitude towards team members, coaches, and the sport.

  • Sets goals and works all season long to achieve them.

  • Supports teammates as they race and improve.

  • Works on becoming mentally stronger and more focused.

  • Desires to improve: seeks out input and listens to the coaches’ suggestions.

3. Three Citizen 20 kilometer races

For this, the skiers need to race both techniques at CLC races and demonstrate the actions and attitudes of a letter winner from the list above. In addition, they will need to do the JV 20k race the team schedules and then two other citizen 20k races on their own. All races must have results posted on skinnyski.com and be completed by the week of the banquet. You must also inform your coaches that you are attempting this option by January 5. You must pay for the citizen races on your own, so check with your coaches prior to make sure you are demonstrating the actions and attitudes you need to to letter.