V-1: Poling on Left

V-1: Poling on Right

V-1: Poling Either Side

V-1 means you pole and skate on one side, and skate without poling to the other side.

In the V-1, you can pole to either the left side or the right side. Poling to both sides is the V-2, which you can see here.

V-1 is the low gear for skiing. You can do it anywhere when skiing. It is the most common technique for going uphills. Most beginner skiers start with V-1. The V-1 does not require as much balance as the V-2.

Notice the body position: Knees and ankles bent, with the hips over the feet. Note: in the top two vids, they use the label "straight ski." A better label is flat ski. Always glide with your ski flat on the snow, not on the edge of the ski.