Varsity will be made up of the twenty top boys and girls (40 total). This team will meet Monday through Saturday. All practices are mandatory. These skiers must be able to race both classic and skate techniques. Practice starts at 3:15 at the Lindbergh Center unless notified.

Photo Credit: Matt Urbanowicz

Junior Varsity 1 (JV1)

The remainder of the returning skiers in grades will be on JV1, typically skiers with at least one or two years experience on the team. JV1 will have practice Monday through Thursday, with Friday being optional. Practices begin at 3:15 at Lindbergh Center. To be considered for the varsity you must be able to beat someone consistently on that team in both techniques. Other considerations apply such as attendance, effort, and coaches’ discretion.

When racing, you should attempt to do both classic and skate as the Varsity does (if you cannot classic, there is always a JV Skate on those days). We may pull people up who are in competition for these spots so the training will be equal, but this is at the coaches’ discretion.

Photo Credit: Tracy Lowmanstone

Junior Varsity 2 (JV2)

All new skiers and skiers in 7-8 who are not on the Varsity or JV1 team will be on the JV2 team. JV2 skiers in 7th and 8th grade pay a reduced fee and participate only three days per week Practice will be Monday, Tuesday, and Thursdays each week. Practices begin at 3:15 at Lindbergh Center.

The Hopkins Athletic Department has allowed us to offer a reduced fee program for beginning skiers (the only such program at our school). This reduced fee is for first and second year skiers in seventh or eigth grade.. The JV2 will be able to race on the same day as the varsity races and JV1 unless otherwise noted. All JV2 skiers will skate in races (unless they have prior experience with classic technique).

Photo Credit: Tracy Lowmanstone