To register for Nordic go to: https://hopkins2055a.cf.affinetysolutions.com

You must be registered to come to practice, so register before November 12.

There are two registration options:



Teams and Racing


Varsity will be made up of the top 14 boys and 14 girls (28 total). This is determined by places in races. This team will meet Monday through Saturday. All practices are mandatory.  Girls and Boys practice together but race separately. These skiers race both classic and skate techniques.  Race distance is 5k. Individuals score for the team. 


Skiers with at least one or two years experience will be on JV1. JV1 will have practice Monday through Friday, Saturday is optional. Girls and Boys practice together but race separately. These skiers race both classic and skate techniques. Race distance is 5k. Individuals score for the team. 


Skiers who are new or have less experience and not on JV1-- will be on JV2.  JV2 skiers can choose skate or classic technique at the races. Race distance is 2.5k at the beginning of the season and 4/5k at the end of the season. Individuals score for the team. 

Please Note:  JV2 Skiers (beginners) in 7th-8th grade should register for the 3 day per week option with reduced fee. Practice days TBD. Bus transportation to ski areas will be provided on these days. 

Please Note:  Skiers can move between groups within a season. 



Be on the Section Team (including being named an alternate). Typically, the top 8 girls and top 8 boys (4 pursuit and 2 on a relay; along with 2 alternates) will race at sections. The High school league requires that a minimum of 3 varsity races are completed to be eligible for the section team.  

Coaches’ Discretion People skiing in varsity races (top 14) half of the time- are all candidates to letter. However, just being in this race does not mean lettering. We are looking for other qualities as well:

At a minimum, the skier needs to be able to race both skate and classic on the days we do those races. We expect varsity letter winners to be the leaders of this team with their actions and attitude.




(From L to R) 

Rosa Greenwood, Daphne Grobstein, Liam Urbanowicz, Stella Rosenkoetter and Oscar Tix


Brett Schulze

Head Coach

Aaron Giannobile

Assistant Coach

Sid Voss

Assistant Coach

Ryan Hunwardsen

Assistant Coach

Sarah Jordan

Assistant Coach

John Hedberg

Assistant Coach

Julia Lavanger

Assistant Coach

Caleb Dunnewind

Assistant Coach

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