nordic 101

nordic check list


First/second year skiers: please see rental options below. Skate skis/poles are different than Classic skis/poles. 

A ski bag is essential for safely carrying equipment. Each skier should get one. The bag should be clearly marked with your name and some kind of unique identifier (brightly colored ribbon/patch). Ski shops carry these.  

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The Hopkins Nordic Booster Club sponsors a skate ski rental program for first and second year skiers and classic ski rental for second and third year skiers.  

For more information on the Skate ski rental program: 

Nordic Booster Skate Ski Rental Form

For more information on the Classic ski rental program:

Nordic Booster Classic Ski Rental Form

skate videos

Free skate

double poling


V-1 left

V-1 right

v-1 both

V-1 means you pole and skate on one side, and skate without poling to the other side.

In the V-1, you can pole to either the left side or the right side. Poling to both sides is the V-2, which you can see here.

V-1 is the low gear for skiing. You can do it anywhere when skiing. It is the most common technique for going uphills. Most beginner skiers start with V-1. The V-1 does not require as much balance as the V-2.

Notice the body position: Knees and ankles bent, with the hips over the feet. Note: in the top two vids, they use the label "straight ski." A better label is flat ski. Always glide with your ski flat on the snow, not on the edge of the ski.


v-2 alt right

v-2 alt left

V-2 means you pole and skate on two sides. For every glide, you pole. V-2 is high gear. It works best in flat sections and as you get stronger, going up small hills. To ski the V-2, you need to have good balance. For most beginner skiers, the timing of the V-2 is harder than the V-1.

The V-2 Alternative means you glide on one side and pole, and then glide on the other side without poling. There are two videos with the V-2 Alternate, showing poling on the right side and poling on the left side.

V-2 Alternative is a high gear. It works best in flat sections with good glide and downhills. It gets the name Open Field, because it works best in sections of the course that are like fields...flat areas. To ski the V-2 Alternative, you need to have good balance.